The new small home is smart & savvy

The new small home is smart & savvy │ La nueva casa pequeña es lista y eficiente

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Think you could live in a house that measures only 399 square feet? What if we told you that same house was also smart and energy efficient–then would you be tempted?

For the last couple of years, scientists and entrepreneurs have been working diligently on the cutting-edge technology found in the tiny prototype home on the campus of NextEnergy in Detroit, MI. Though many of its features would impress the most discerning of technogeeks, the true focus is on the conservation of energy and money (and who would argue with that?).

Still not convinced? Here’s a spoiler:

  • The house is DC connected (sorry–that does not mean a direct line to the White House or the Green Lantern).
  • It’s so electric car-friendly, it’ll knock your socks off.
  • It loves the sun so much, it’s gonna name it George, and hug it and pet it and squeeze it…
  • It can’t get enough of energy usage data.
  • You won’t believe what the future holds for household appliances.

After reading the mind-boggling stats based on an average Michigan household (included in the article and provided by the U.S. Energy Information Administration), you’ll be counting the days until real homes like this are readily available nationwide. Unfortunately, there are some significant hurdles to clear that may make the effective wait time 5 to 10 years.